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Street parking made easy!

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About us

ParkWise is a Boston based parking app that alerts users to scheduled street sweeping taking place in their neighborhood, as well as other features like helping them find an open parking spot.

When a driver is looking for a parking spot, ParkWise provides real time information about open parking spots, as well as the location of soon-to-be open spots in the area. Once a driver finds a spot and parks their vehicle, ParkWise will save the location for the driver’s future reference. It will also alert the driver about any upcoming street cleaning scheduled to take place at the parking spot location, or any other restrictions like events and festivals.

ParkWise automatically updates the status of a parking spot for other users. When a driver approaches their vehicle, ParkWise will automatically alert other drivers in the area about the soon-to-be open spot, and once they drive away, it will be marked as open.

ParkWise aims to create drivers’ communities where neighbors share information about available street parking spots to save time and gas for everyone in the community.

Unlike other parking apps, ParkWise complies with city regulations and does not allow users to sell or hold their spots. We created an app that is fair and legal. All parking spots are first come, first served.

ParkWise currently covers most Boston neighborhoods including Somerville and Cambridge.

Press about us

BetaBoston about ParkWise

There never seem to be enough parking spaces on Boston’s crowded streets, but a local company is teaming up with an Israeli firm to help drivers hunt them down.

BetaBoston about ParkWise

A number of mobile apps have emerged as of late attempting to curtail the perpetual civic issue of parking in Boston. If you've ever, even once, tried to find a street spot to park your vehicle, you know exactly how frustrating it can be.

BetaBoston about ParkWise

With the extended Haystack parking app nightmare ending with the City of Boston banning the app, you’d think other parking app innovators would wait a bit before launching their products.

There’s a New Parking App in Town

So let’s discuss ParkWise North End, a humble new app that isn’t “the Uber,” “the Airbnb” or “the Tinder” of anything. It just wants to improve your parking life, and it’s available now for iPhone and Android.

New ParkWise North End App Aims to Ease Neighborhood Parking

Have you ever circled around the North End neighborhood looking for a parking spot? Ever have your car towed due to street cleaning? A new App designed by a North End resident aims to help neighbors find parking and avoid getting their car towed.

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